12boxes and the UK’s departure from the European Union

From February 1st, 2020 the UK is no longer a member of the EU. This means that as from 1st January 2021 the trading relationship between the UK and the EU will change in ways that have yet to be agreed.

As the owner and principal coach of 12boxes Ltd, it has always been my intention that our services should be easily available to individuals and organisations in the European Union. This was a major consideration in my obtaining citizenship of Ireland in October 2017. (In addition, I will continue to hold a UK passport.)

The consequences of this are twofold. The first is that my capacity to deliver services in person throughout the EU will remain unchanged after 1st January 2021 whatever settlement is agreed.

The second is that my registration of the 12boxes.eu domain will continue to be valid despite my current base being London UK.

As a company registered in the UK, 12boxes Ltd will be monitoring developments during the remainder of 2020 and continue to adapt our policies to ensure that we remain EU compliant (including GDPR).

Thank you for your interest in 12boxes. I look forward to being of service to clients and associates throughout the EU.

Malcolm Sleath
1st February 2020